What a rush?! Writing about mountain biking, my two passions combined! Here is a little about me.

Born and raised in the rugged Arizona Desert, I am what I would consider a dedicated noob to the sport of mountain biking. I grew up on bikes, bmx and some mountain, but was unable to commit my time to the sport like many others. From High School through College I was engulfed in the world of Baseball. It was my life, but, like all athletes it ended. After this, I was lost. I had finished my BA in English from Arizona State University and wrote constantly (mostly fiction) but lacked that athletic something in my life.


Two years ago I took my first trip up the lift of a bike park in Snowmass, Colorado. There I found my athletic something, a foreign feeling of a full suspension long travel bike under my core and nothing but fast, flowy trail in front of me. After my first trip down the mountain, legs shaky and hands throbbing, I knew this sport would consume my life.

Fast forward to the present. I pedal a Diamondback Mission to the top of the mountain and bomb down in the same bike park fashion for every trail I find. I have transitioned from the downhill only sector to an “All Mountain” approach to the sport. I look forward to entering my first Enduro or Super D race this year (either in AZ or CA) and I run a local site AZENDURO.COM where I post videos and reviews of local trails.

I spend my days, working in the Professional Web Design Industry. After hours are dedicated to writing fiction novels (currently writing my second one, check out my site JEFFQB.COM), mountain bike stuff, and adoring my beautiful girlfriend (note: making statements like that usually buys me more time for the former). Anyways, I appreciate you reading this much about me, if you want to learn more, reach out to me via Facebook or Pinkbike.

I look forward to posting about the savage desert riding conditions that keep me off the trails for five or six days out of the year, and most importantly about that transition from newbie to seasoned rider. So hang in there, we will be learning together.