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The Reluctant Wrench 17: Trading Up

He thought, without a doubt, in the old days he would’ve driven right by the brown wooden sign half-hidden by weeds that marked the Dorman Woods State Park’s entrance. But for the help of the Galactic Phone, as he called it, he would’ve sped by, for although on the trails his mind falls into comedy […]

Joining the Quilomene Club

Driving through Vantage, Washington doesn’t inspire visions of biking adventures. Interstate 90 slams straight though this shrub infested wasteland, full of wind turbines and cow patties. The Columbia River offers only a momentary break from the monotony of brown, mostly treeless views. Petrified wood and the basalt columns of Frenchman Coulee make up the only […]

Overcoming Injuries with Hans “No Way” Rey

Since my neck has continued being a pain for the last few years, (compressed vertebrae), I’m riding less rough terrain and shying away from those fun tough rides that cause me trouble between my shoulder blades. More than loosening my grip and staying cool, I’ve had to enter physical rehab this past month to retrain […]